Intelligent Resources & Services Limited

16 Great Queen Street, London WC2B 5AH
Registered in England: Company Number 9858690

Intelligent Resources and Services ltd is a UK company whose management team bring extensive business experience in the field of projects in IQ and Intelligence with a global outlook.

Co-Founders are

Ray Keene OBE, International Chess Grandmaster. Raymond is author of over 200 books, tv programmes and video presentations and writes daily in The Times of London as well as regularly in The Sunday Times, The Spectator plus many regular columns world wide

Don Morris, founder of successful businesses in marketing, event management, high profile security and VIP catering plus technology for over 40 years.

Ray and Don have worked together on a succession of world class events as founders of The Mind Sports Olympiad and including World Chess Championships, Mind Sports Festivals, World Memory Championships, Chinese Chess (Xiangqi) Championships in Beijing and more.

Intelligent Resources and Services – committed to supporting the pursuit of your vision and goals.


Ray Keene:
Don Morris: